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Amplifying Black Women’s power

Our vision is a future in which Black women not only occupy positions but also spearhead transformative change across all sectors on a global scale. We support Black women to effectively leverage their power, access a connected community, and partner with allies to catalyze collaborations to drive systemic change. We are a global initiative dedicated to increasing the numbers, improving the experiences, and magnifying the impact of Black women in executive leadership roles.
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Collecting, Collating, and Curating
Black Women’s Wisdom

By mapping and documenting the challenges faced as well as the successful strategies, tools and tactics that Black women have developed, B-WEL is investing in the next generation of leaders and supporting  institutions globally to  build a more inclusive leadership bench. We believe that Black women’s experiences offer useful insights to inform much needed institutional transformations.

connecting community

B-WEL accelerates both the individual and collective leadership growth. We achieve this by establishing a self-sustaining, intergenerational, transnational, multi-sectoral, interdisciplinary, and global network of Black women executives. Our curriculum, delivered through a prestigious year-long Fellowship and standalone learning experiences, is meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of Black women in executive leadership.

catalyzing collaboration

B-WEL is a platform that connects individuals and institutions to design and action transformative change agendas. Believing that Black women do not bear the responsibility for ending racism and patriarchy, B-WEL is engaging allies and catalyzing individual and institutional collaborations to ensure that a diverse bench of global leaders is available to surface contextually relevant innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

We recognize that While Genius is equally distributed,  opportunity is not.

Meet Our Steering Committee

The B-WEL movement is changing the thinking of the current and next generation of black leaders.
Danielle Wood
B-WEL Fellow, 2023

B-WEL focuses on people at the cusp of something new and something different who need support to catalyze progress. There is no other program that offers support in this way.
Amina Doherty
B-WEL Fellow, 2023

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